Legal Services Overview
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Intellectual Property Law

Often called IP law, intellectual property law refers to the possession of creations. Creations can include: ownership of music, literature, inventions, artwork, designs, or concepts.

Entertainment and Media Law

Entertainment and media laws govern the entertainment industry and the professionals and businesses within it. As a business that manages entertainers, there are many legal considerations that come along with the job.


A startling number of people are killed each year, due to car accidents caused by driving under the influence of alcohol. Because of that, the laws against DWIs and DUIs are becoming stricter with each passing year.

Family Law

Family law consists of marriage, divorce, adoptions, child custody, juvenile delinquency and other family-related things. The practice of family law is to ensure that all parties involved are protected and rightly served. All are treated with care and respect.

Featured Legal Services

  • Business Law

    Business law is a form of law, applying to the rights, associations, and behavior of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, or sales. It is often considered to be a division of civil law. Business and corporate law deal with concerns of private law, as well as, public law.
  • Estate Planning + Elder Law

    The purpose of estate planning is to ensure that your assets end up in the hands of those that you wish, after you've passed. You can also reduce the amount of taxes paid on the money by having a proper estate plan in place. It will ease the duties of family members, after you're gone.