The Probate Process

Contact a lawyer in Raleigh NC for help if you've been named an executor. Probate is the process of establishing that a deceased person’s Will is legitimate. Whether a Will is legitimate often depends on legal requirements. As part of the process, probate also determined whether or not the will was the decedent’s final Will.…
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Tips for Keeping Your Estate Plan Up to Date

Attorney in Raleigh NC: Follow these tips to help keep your estate plan up to date! Keeping your estate plan up to date is as important as having one. In a previous post, we talked about the importance of updating your beneficiaries. It’s a good idea to do both of these tasks, at the same…
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Update Your Estate Plan With Help From Our Estate Lawyers

Keeping your estate plan up to date is an important part of overall estate planning. Things change over time. People get divorced, children move away, laws and taxes change. To ensure that your estate plan remains valid and updated, it’s important to meet with a lawyer in Raleigh NC. Below, you’ll find important parts of your…
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